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Chegcheran Airport Upgraded to International Standards

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Reconstruction work of Chegcheran airport has been completed over one year costing $9 million, officials in Transportation and Civil Aviation said on Monday.

Now Chegcheran airport has a runway of 30 meters wide and 20,000 meters long. International guide signs, landing lights, parking and firefighting building have been added to the airport which gives it a standard look.

A spokesman for Transportation and Civil Aviation Ministry, Nangyalai Qalatwal, said he believes that the airport will help develop economy in the country.

"We spent nine million dollars on the reconstruction of the airport and adjusted it international standards in a period of one year," Mr Qalatwal said.

Work on a number of other airports in some provinces is also in progress and soon the construction work would be completed.

The ministry has previously reconstructed the airport in northern Badakhshan province, officials said.

Source: Tolonews

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